6 Weird Lucky Charms From Around the Globe

The idea that you can affect your luck by using a charm to bring good fortune is not new. In ancient times, people wore amulets with their hopes and dreams embedded in them so they could be granted during everyday activities such as work or playtime at home (or both!). These days there’s plenty out on the market – from925 sterling silver fridge magnets ($35), dream stones necklace chains eructedfrom80s glam rock icons like LINK WRAY.

1. The Fascinus

The ancient Romans believed that fascines would bring good luck or at least offer protection from the Evil Eye. They were everywhere- people wore them on necklaces and hung over their front doors to themselves as an offering of penile worshipping towards our divine phallus, but in reality, it’s just one long flap with wings!

2. Rabbit’s Foot

5. Ladders

The rabbit’s foot has a long history of being used to bring luck. 600 B.C., for example, is when people started believing in its power, and many cultures worldwide still use it today! But before you go ahead with your bet on the roulette wheel, make sure that this charm isn’t from any animal which was sacrificed recently – because their souls will never reach heaven anyway (unless they were fried).

3. Alligator’s Teeth

The Gaited Wolf teaches us that teeth are no laughing matter. This animal has sharp incisors and can easily tear you to pieces if it wants, so let’s hope for the best when our turn comes around!

4. Scarab Beetles

The scarab beetle is an ancient symbol of good fortune worn by many people in Ancient Egypt. They were seen as a lucky charm and could be found all across the country on things like amulets or rings- one popular item being their namesake: The “scarab.”

5. Ladders

The ladder is one of the most familiar symbols in our world, but it has an interesting history. The Egyptians would put ladders by tombs to help dead people get safely into heaven; maybe you should keep this charm on your wallet for good luck at poker games!

6. Three-Legged Toad

In China, the three-legged toad is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. For this reason, they are often placed on or near doors as an ornament which warns away any bad energy that may come into your home with hopes it will bring plenty of money instead!

The more unique the items you use, the better your luck will be. For example, rabbits’ Foot is considered lucky and can help with everything from getting a date to winning money at gambling! A scarab beetle was used in Ancient Egypt as an amethyst ladder charm–a symbol of power that allowed its holder access into heaven or knowledge of secrets revealed on earth.